February 26, 2014

Favorite Services 2014

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Winner: Hotel Indigo

500 College Ave. · 706-546-0430

A cool, comfortable, pet-friendly place to stay a block away from everything that's happening in downtown Athens makes for a great stay in our town.

Runner Up: Foundry Park Inn and Spa

295 E. Dougherty St. · 706-623-0296

Photography Studio

Winner: Zoomworks

585 White Circle · 706-227-3777

There is just no substitute for the trained eye and the creative vision coupled with technical expertise and top-of-the-line equipment. Throw away your camera phone!

Runner Up: Grant Beecher Photo · 706-714-8639


Winner: Always Always Flowers

1091 Baxter St. · 706-227-0805

Sure, you can get flowers at the supermarket, but oh, that special touch when you want something personal.

Runner Up: Flowerland

823 Prince Ave. · 706-549-1884

Hair Salon

Winner: Republic Salon

312 E. Broad St. · 706-208-5222

If you've got it, flaunt it: exposed brick, big windows, upstairs, downtown, adjacent to campus, a relaxing libation, expert attention. The results will go to your head.

Runner Up: Model Citizen

497 Prince Ave. · 706-543-3656


Winner: Lyric Bellotte at Republic Salon

312 E. Broad St. · 706-208-5222

What is it she does that she's always the favorite? Experience, skill, insight, that something extra that only she can see, until everybody sees it on you?

Runner Up: Matt Wheeler at Emporium Hair and Color Salon

187 Lumpkin St. · 706-546-7598

Massage Therapist

Winner: Amy Bramblett at Advanced Massage Therapies

1363 S Milledge Ave. · 706-369-7595

Amy does it all, and you feel the results immediately and for a long time afterward, because she knows how to get to the right spots with the best techniques.

Runner Up: Kimberly Anderson

270 Hawthorne Ave. Suite C · 706-612-4121

Tattoo Studio

Winner: Pain and Wonder Tattoo Studio

285 W. Washington St. · 706-208-9588

Their best advertisement is the crowds of satisfied customers walking around town showing off their handiwork—the warmer the weather the better.

Runner Up: Walk the Line Tattoo Co.

364 E. Broad St. · 706-369-9424


Winner: Urban Sanctuary Spa

810 N. Chase St. · 706-613-3947

A revitalizing refuge, where you can stop the world long enough to recharge and gain energy for the things you need to do.

Runner Up: Foundry Park Inn and Spa

295 E. Dougherty St. · 706-623-0296

Fitness Instructor

Winner: Connie Popwell at Pure Barre Athens

191 Alps Rd. · 706-850-4000

Her own active life led Connie to Pure Barre, where she witnessed firsthand its dramatic physical impact and now introduces it to others.

Runner Up: Amanda Martin at Balance Pilates

160 Tracy St. · 706-546-1061

Place to Get Fit

Winner: Pure Barre Athens

191 Alps Rd. · 706-850-4000

Pure Barre concentrates on the body areas women struggle with and shows them how to lift, tone and burn. They must be doing something right.

Runner Up: The Omni Club

2361 W Broad St. · 706-369-3111

Adult Classes: Movement

Winner: Pure Barre Athens

191 Alps Rd. · 706-850-4000

You get a full body workout followed by stretches, and there are mental benefits, too.

Runner Up: Canopy Studio

160-6 Tracy St. · 706-549-8501

Adult Classes: Creative

Winner: Double Dutch Press

1377 Prince Ave. · 706-546-0994

This is a practical kind of creativity and involves using your mind, your eyes and your hands for a thoroughly satisfying and productive class.

Runner Up: Good Dirt

510 N. Thomas St. · 706-355-3161

Car Repair Shop

Winner: Five Star Automotive

605 Macon Hwy. · 706-549-1315

Locally owned by two brothers who treat your car like their own—just what we all need when our car won't crank because its thingamajig won't geehaw.

Runner Up: Auto Tech of Athens

170 Coile Dr. · 706-549-3316

Car Dealership

Winner: Phil Hughes Honda

3200 Atlanta Hwy. · 706-549-3530

With an array of popular models, new and used, and a highly trained and personable staff, Phil Hughes Honda is an Athens institution.

Runner Up: Athens Ford

4260 Atlanta Hwy. · 706-354-1130


Winner: Carson Plumbing

259 Wynburn Ave. · 706-548-3397

Everywhere you go, you see their trucks. They're the go-to guys when your pipes won't hold water, or worse.

Runner Up: Big Brown Plumbing · 706-714-2381


Winner: Atomic Electric · 706-202-2296

Personal service is just what you want when you've got an electrical problem, and that's what makes Atomic Electric light up.

Runner Up: Light Lab · 706-340-1721


Winner: Alpaugh Sub Zero Air

195 Lenox Rd. · 706-338-5050

To get it right with the best equipment and prompt service when you need it is the hallmark of a winning team, summer or winter.

Runner Up: Stanfield Air Systems

1130 Mitchell Bridge Rd. · 706-549-4767

Lawyer to Get You Out of a Jam

Winner: Eric Krasle

425 N. Lumpkin St. · 706-353-0032

Your legal matters don't get lost in the hallways of a giant firm. When Eric Krasle is on the job, your case is his concern, and he knows his way around Athens.

Runner Up: Barry Irwin

165 E. Dougherty St. Ste. 202 · 706-613-7000 ·


Winner: Athens First Bank and Trust

150 W. Hancock Ave. · 706-357-7000

Athens First branches and ATMs are literally all over the Athens area, and they're known for personal service and community service.

Runner Up: First American

300 College Ave. · 706-354-5000


Winner: Daniel Peiken · 706-433-2116

Daniel Peiken is deeply embedded in the Athens music scene, which gives him a unique perspective among Realtors and an eye and ear for what makes Athens tick.

Runner Up: Reign Streiter · 706-372-4166

Local Business

Winner: Avid Bookshop

493 Prince Ave. · 706-352-2060

There's just something about a locally owned bookshop that gives a place a touch of class. It connects you to the town and to the world.

Runner Up: tie

Hip Pops · 650-521-4022

Ruby Sue Graphics

532 Newton Bridge Rd. · 706-613-0028